We are offering a broad range of consulting services of high quality. The speaking partners at our clients are heads of human resources as well as managers of compensation, organizational development and international mobility. We also work with members of the Remuneration Committee of the Board of Directors, in our capacity as external and independent partners.

Our approach to a consulting assignment is the following:

  • Conduct a complete and detailed analysis of the situation with the client
  • Prepare one or several proposals
  • Discuss the proposals and elaborate a suitable action plan with the client
  • Support the implementation of the solution. This may include the training of the persons responsible and the preparation of communication plans for the people concerned
  • Review and assess the effect of the change to determine the success of the consulting assignment

Our goal is to offer an external perspective on a certain situation and to propose effective and pragmatic solutions.

Today's world of business in already complex enough. We therefore wish to offer solutions which make it easier.